Matej Ukmar - The Birth

Matej Ukmar has condensed his endeavours in the field of graphics into his first independent exhibition, significantly titled ‘The Birth’. For a number of years he has been, as a young artist, interested in many different fields of modern electronic media, therefore he directed his investigative attention to the design of web pages as well as computer and video graphics.

The artistic language is fresh and its content original, because the artwork itself is created with a different technique than the one used for a classical painting – namely the use of computer, which is rapidly asserting itself all over the world as an innovative visual and graphic artistic direction. In this new form of artistic expression Matej Ukmar is searching for simplicity, anatomy and synthesis of his personal expressional tendencies and reflections on life. He has adapted to this inartistic tool, which on one side represents a big challenge and an encounter with countless new options, yet at the same time limits him in the fundamental artistic or painter’s sense. These graphics have thus been taking shape as an investigative and creative process, which stimulates a number of simultaneously nascent ideas and unlimited imagination. Contents wise we can say that the figures are abstract, the author is mainly occupied with colours, lines, planes, geometrical figures, masses and volumes of here and there recognizable (House) but mostly undefined shapes. He composes the narrative into final dynamic compositions and always seeks balance – logic between colour and shape – stops the motion at he most extreme points and desires to achieve harmoniousness - an abstract unity. He is interested in simultaneous changes of shape, motion, sketch, the role of colour, and toning of surfaces in the purest of possible treatments. Here and there he places circles and circular signs, which are significant symbolically emphasized accentuations and at the same time a parable (Shield). It seems as if he aspires to exceed the two dimensional space in order to achieve an illusion of colour composition – a sort of mobile.

Narrative picturesque and colourful series of graphics implies that the author has actually digressed from classical computer graphics because he wanted to supersede it with a purer artistic message, based on his own fresh concept and filled with an abundance of ideas. Even in choosing and mixing the colours, the classical colour scheme has been replaced with a computer one. The colours are simply astonishing – pure and fiery, contrasting and intense (seldom pastel), complementary and composed together with great feeling, with which he achieved interesting optical effects of depth. He has used strong, intercepting colours (i.e. red, orange, indigo blue), for different highlights in numerous points, marks, symbolic shapes and signs (lines, circles and triangles). He experiences colour in its unlimited expressional width, in his own personal cognition titled “How many stories has one colour”. While playing with forms and composing different surfaces, which perhaps reminds one of skillful collaging, a new story or experiment seems to emerge from the indefinite and the simple.

With this graphic contribution the artistic message of Matej Ukmar gained new dimensions and notice. The present imaginative interpretations are an original synthesis of knowledge, trials and reflections, which directly or indirectly touch life and the individual. The author introduces us to an artistic world of visions beyond intellect and conscious experience of reality. Into this world he jovially interweaves the magic, the fictitious and pieces of reality; in short he creates a fluid of positive and optimistic comprehension. He wants to address the viewer, letting him create his own stories, unburdened and guided only by associations to discover the charm of forgotten and subconscious things on other levels.

Polona Škodič