Short Biography

Matej Ukmar was born 1972 in Kranj, Slovenia. He was a very creative child and in secondary school he had his first exhibition of poems in the school library.

In primary school he has also discovered strong interest in modern technology especially computers. He quickly self-learned his first programming language Basic. In 1991 he went studying Physics. As a student he also participated in intensive film-making course and later also worked for three years on a television on a digital montage.

In 1996 he started to work as a freelance programmer and collaborated with several companies in Slovenia. He masters different programming languages: C++, Java, PHP, Flash ActionScript, Javascript, Mac OS X Cocoa...

One year later (1997) started his intensive interest and work in art. First as an assistant and technical support in multimedia art events and exhibitions. Later he collaborated in making of several art videos, Om Namaha Shivaya, Hands, Manhattan N.Y., Chairs. From the end of 2005 he is also a president and in charge of Kerubin Art Society projects in Slovenia.

Matej Ukmar’s professional work also included web-design, flash animations, flash banners and he also made 5 creative online games that were published on biggest Slovenian internet search engine The games were also published in Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia.

His engagement in art projects inspired him to develop his own unique technique in making digital paintings. The tool for his creations is the one he know best, a computer. Starting at the end of 2003 Matej Ukmar had 5 solo exhibitions of large format printed artworks and multimedia projections.