Windows XP or Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher is required.

Download the SetupNumerology.exe or SetupNumerologyDemo.exe and run the file. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Using Widget

  1. In the NAME tab enter your first name and last name. A numerological calculation appears below the text field. If you click on any of the red numbers a description will appear. (To close a description just click on a NAME tab again). Similarly you can enter the names of your friends or your company name or any other name that you wish to make a numerological analysis for.
  2. Click on KEY tab. Enter a valid date (your birthday) into DAY and MONTH fields. After this a KEY and SUBKEY numbers should appear. Again, if you click on any of the red numbers a description will appear. If you are making analysis for your friend enter his birthday. If you are making analysis for a company enter a date of the establishment and if you are making an analysis for a special event or occasion enter the date of the event.
  3. Click in MATCHING tab. A harmony analysis is displayed and the whole report is at the same time copied to clipboard. You can later go to Mail or Word processing application and paste the report into document for printing or mailing.

About Numerology

First important meaning is the number that represent your NAME. Second and third important numbers are calculated from your birth date. They are KEY and SUBKEY and are used to examine the harmony between your name and your birth date. If there are matching harmonies between your name and birth date that is especially beneficial. Numerology is very useful if you wish to change your name or for example set your new company name and date (of establishment).